Eddie Runner and Allan Madar.

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Action shots from Patrick's Pit:  Patrick's 1996 Hummer

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Cruising through the woods.  Lee Fike's "Tan Vee."

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Patrick's Pit       (from Eddie Runner's site)

We call this obstacle Patrick's Pit. Originally it was a large eroded washout that no one would have ever thought of trying to drive through, but one day we proceeded past it and crossed the creek and the last to come to the pit was Patrick Scranton in his brand new 1996 white opentop.. He didn't notice the pit was so deep from the top and proceeded down it by mistake! He called me on his CB and said "Hey Eddie, I think I made a wrong turn".. I though OH NO! We went over there to see what happened and Patrick was in an awful fix! I was contemplating the best way to position the multiple winches I knew it would take to pull him out when Patrick asked me if he should try to drive on through the pit!.... Uh, Gee, Uh.. Sure give it a try! Patrick did try and with me coaching him on the BTM he made it through with no damage! WOW.. Since then Patrick has been fearless with his new truck!

Lee  Fikes with the famous TANVEE playing in the pit.  Patrick, going down and back up!


Bob Kraitcher coming down the pit in his white wagon!

Gerald Luiz coming down the pit with his plum opentop


This sequence is me (Eddie Runner) going down the pit. It is a pretty steep kinda violent and twisty ride, without the BTM or lockers there would be no way to do it.


Auggie Mathis in the PIT